Hall of Fame

Right Said Fred


This camp UK pop trio features the bald pated brothers Richard Peter John Fairbrass and Fred from East Grinstead plus Rob Manzoli.

Fred, who failed trials for Chelsea and Fulham football clubs, had formerly toured with Bob Dylan and played with Then Jerico in 1989. He had also appeared in the film Hearts Of Fire.

 Lead vocalist Richard was originally a bass player who had served time with several prominent artists including Boy
George, and, allegedly, David Bowie and Mick Jagger.

Following their divergent paths, the brothers came together to form their own band in the late 80s, touring New York and signing to Capitol records.  By 1988 they were back in London working as a duo.  They eventually met up with collaborator Manzoli, a guitarist whose history includes live work with ZZ Top, Geno Washington, the Platters, Muddy Waters and Captain Sensible. The son of an established London restaurateur, he is also a qualified chef. 

His colleagues in Right Said Fred are responsible for a gymnasium called the Dance Attic in Putney, London.  To raise money for their first recording foray, the band had to secure a 100 loan from their bank manager. They lied, stating they were about to purchase a car.

Initial names for the band included Trash Flash And Money, the Actors and the Volunteers. They finally settled on Right Said Fred after the novelty 1962 Bernard Cribbins hit of the same name. 

Their initial success was embedded in the slow-burning kitsch classic 'I'm Too Sexy', with equally lascivious follow-ups 'Deeply Dippy' and 'Don't Talk Just Kiss'.  

Almost overnight Right Said Fred had become the coolest pop band in the UK, cornering the pop market while adult audiences found them impossible to dislike. In 1991 they sold more singles than any other artist in the UK, (excluding Bryan Adams ). 

They were heavily involved in the 1993 Comic Relief fund raising effort 'Stick It Out' with the help of several celebrities. The title is a typically obvious double entendre.  They formed their own record label in 1995.