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Louise Nurding was born in Surrey on the 4th November 1974.  She grew up in the East Grinstead area and attended Imberhorne School.

At just 18, her band Eternal had a top 10 hit and since going solo at 20, she's clocked up six Top 20 singles and released three successful albums.

Although she left Eternal, she has not gone unnoticed. She won fans with her looks, personality and, more importantly, her singing and dancing skills, which were honed at the Italia Conti stage school. Although no longer with Eternal, she still has the same management, First Avenue, and is still signed to EMI.

Since leaving Eternal she has had a busy schedule, but also a lot of success. Her first singles were 'Light of My Life' and 'In Walked Love', both of which did well. Following the encouragement from the release of these, Louise went on to produce a very popular album in 'Naked', which produced a top 5 single and several other successful songs.

She performed 'Naked' On Top of the Pops in a blue rubber outfit, and then appeared on the cover of Sky magazine in their 'Naked issue'. This suggested to many at the time that people were more interested in her for her looks rather than her music. However, her successful second solo album dispelled these thoughts and she is now well established as a successful artist.

Louise is married to Johnny Redknapp.

Some achievements:  

  • Louise started her career young, by appearing alongside Emma "Baby Spice" Bunten in a Colgate advert.
  • She was Voted Sky's Second Sexiest Women On the Planet (1996)

  • FHM's Second Sexiest Women In 1996

  • FHM's Forth Sexiest Women in 1997 and
    Top Lass in Melody Maker in 1997

She also came tops in the Smash Hits Poll in 1997, winning 3 Awards for:

  • Best Female Singer, Best Dressed Female and Most Fanciable Woman!

  • FHM's Second Sexiest Women in 1999

 More info: http://www.louise.uk.co/